"Kobus gives us peace of mind"

Kobus gives us peace of mind knowing that we are taken care of, and we don’t have to wonder or get “into the weeds” with something we know little about. That allows us to focus on what we do best.

The quarterly business reviews are helpful in knowing exactly where we stand with our systems, and allowing Kobus to grow with our company as we take on more and more workload.

Kobus is a family run business that keeps your needs at the forefront. You’re not just a number like at the bigger firms, so it is easier to have a personal relationship with one of the more important vendors you’ll deal with in business.

Dr. Lauren & Zack Shively, D.C Dr. Lauren & Zack Shively, D.C Owners
Lagniappe Chiropractic

“They have fulfilled all my expectations”

Since the day Kobus took over my IT needs, they have fulfilled all my expectations.  Besides protecting my company from 3rd party invasions and takeovers, they keep all the parts greased and moving to make our workflow efficient and effective.

Kobus strives to stay in your face and keep your systems updated with the latest software.  Also, the quarterly meetings are very important, as I have learned.

If someone is on the fence about using Kobus, I would tell them you can’t afford not to have them in your court.  They might be a bit pricey, but you will recoup that money with the investment they make in your company.

Lance Hudson Owner
Hudson Silver Insurance Agency

"Invaluable Resource"

I have worked personally with nearly all of the leading I.T. providers in the Shreveport/Bossier City area, having been in the local industry myself for over 20 years.  Now that I'm no longer based in Louisiana, Kobus Technologies is my first call when I need fast, reliable, and affordable I.T. services for my family, friends, and even my own former clients that require professional assistance.  Ron and his team have been an invaluable resource for me before, during, and after my transition out of the area and I cannot recommend them enough!

Jack Haines CEO
Healthcare Integrations

"Qualified IT technicians"

Our company started out with a small IT company to support our IT infrastructure. As in many cases, our computers and emails are vital to the daily operation of our business. We conduct every aspect of our business via email, on-line and on the phone.

Our company was introduced to Kobus Technologies about four (4) years ago because the prior IT support company decided to move their business to a different state. Kobus set our company up on their system with no downtime and have provided excellent service.  When we have questions or issues, we speak directly with Ron or one of his qualified IT technicians.  If they are unable to correct the issue remotely, they are here within the hour.

I would highly recommend Kobus for your IT support and would welcome a call to discuss our success with them.

Tim Wilhite CFO
Wilhite Electric

"Let Me Count The Ways…"

There are so many ways I benefit from using Kobus. We have peace of mind that our data is secure from breaching and is backed up. Our network is free from viruses and we have someone to contact when there’s an issue. Proactive instead of merely reactive is huge for us that is best illustrated by yearly business reviews to go through options to improve our system.

Kobus is worth every penny! You get what you pay for and there is no price on security and peace of mind when it comes to your business.

Call them today.

Julie Eason Office Manager
Old South Industries